Villa Florencia

With the culmination of the railroad in 1890, the Caribbean was integrated with the central valley, Limon with the capital, and the main provincial towns of the republic. This practically became the origin of Turrialba , an area with its own identity.

By the middle of the 20th century, the distribution of the rural population remained, along with the names of the places, precisely due to the support provided by agricultural activities, mainly coffee cultivation, and later sugarcane cultivation. In contrast to the rural population, the urban center is the city of Turrialba, the already established head of the canton.

Turrialba is one of the sugar cane-producing regions that has the greatest identification, roots, and antiquity with the sugar agro-industry in Costa Rica. Sugar cane plantations have been present since the early days of colonization, in the locality of Ujarrás and the current Orosi, from where it gradually expanded with the colonization movements that oriented towards the Atlantic region, involving Turrialba and surrounding populations. In 1915, sugar cane production began in the Florencia district, where to this day, it is the agricultural activity that shelters Hotel Villa Florencia.

Pool and

In our hotel, you can swim under the shade of trees in our refreshing heated pool. Or sunbathe with the warm rays of the sun and tropical breeze. You can even relax with a hydromassage in our jacuzzi. The pool and jacuzzi section is intentionally located in front of one of the best views on the property.

Recreation and

If you want to stretch and exercise your body, you can go to our gym, equipped with exercise machines and the necessary equipment for your workout. Or play a sport with your friends and family on the basketball court or soccer field. The hotel also has a spacious game room with foosball, ping pong table, and board games.

Las Oropéndolas

On Las Oropéndolas Trail, you will find flowers and trees, as well as our own vegetable garden. The most attractive feature of the trail is its exotic species of animals: frogs, sloths, iguanas, butterflies, and birds such as toucans, hummingbirds, and of course, the star birds, the Montezuma oropendolas, whose singing enlivens both the hotel and the trail.

Villa Florencia

The hotel is not only a place to rest, Villa Florencia also produces delicious coffee, which is used in the restaurant and is also available for sale exclusively on the hotel premises.

Massages and

An important part of our essence is ensuring a relaxing experience for our visitors. Therefore, we have included body treatments and massages. From the privacy and comfort of your room, in the hands of professionals, you can enjoy a relaxing massage or a rejuvenating beauty treatment at the best price.


• Dance: Learn popular Latin dances.
• Meditation and Reflection: In the midst of nature, you can internalize and connect with your spiritual area.
• Cooking: Experience gastronomy with a cooking workshop based on the best of Turrialba's cuisine.
• Personal Exercise Session: We have spaces for sports and trained instructors for demanding and fun sessions tailored to your level. We also have trails that are well-suited for outdoor activities.