Turrialba offers you multiple options to experience it intensely. Our qualified staff and associated tour operators can organize unforgettable experiences for you, your friends, and family, involving various activities to suit all tastes.


The Pacuare River, with its Class III and Class IV rapids, is internationally renowned for being an impressive experience and its beautiful natural landscapes surrounded by waterfalls and forests teeming with tropical wildlife.


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Live and experience the adventure of rappelling down waterfalls and crossing zip lines in the canopy, enjoying all the flora and fauna that the beautiful Turrialba Valley has to offer.

Turrialba Volcano

The Turrialba Volcano, which is active, allows you to observe magnificent landscapes from the beginning of the hike to the summit, where you can have a panoramic view of the Caribbean plains and the Turrialba Valley. This hike is perfect for those passionate about hiking.

Mountain Biking

This biking experience will take you through the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) farm or through the Florencia estate, where you will experience the rural beauty of our countryside.

ATV Tours

Experience the adventure with an ATV tour, where you will discover beautiful landscapes within the Florencia estate, venturing into the forest and the sugarcane fields surrounding Hotel Villa Florencia.


This tour invites you to discover the history behind Theobroma cacao - the Food of the Gods, and how it has been modified over time to produce the different chocolates we know today. The tour ends with a workshop where you will transform cocoa beans into your own chocolate.


It is the most important archaeological site in Costa Rica. Its impressive aqueduct earned it the title of World Heritage of Civil Engineering. Your local guide will lead you through the archaeological site, explaining the findings of the excavations and the history of the people who once lived there.

Hacienda Aquiares

On this tour, you will visit an iconic coffee plantation in Turrialba. Besides being one of the few remaining benefits, where you will learn all about different types of coffee beans and how they produce different flavor profiles, their harvest, selection, drying, and storage.